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  1. Tegis
    Tegis 2 years ago

    The way I figure it, the boundaries other people set for their relationships are not my business, they get to make their relationships be however they want them to be, together. How "normal" the people are, or their relationship is, shouldn't be a factor. Shorter: "Normal" is not the same as "good". Make your relationships be how you want them to be, not how you think an average person would usually want theirs to be.

  2. Faumuro
    Faumuro 2 years ago

    *mind blown*

  3. Mikagal 2 years ago

    Add, vamos tc melhor ;)

  4. Akinogrel 2 years ago

    Couldn't have toyed cards or Mario kart huh? Had to fuck your sis instead. Okay.

  5. Yozshuktilar 2 years ago

    I can come to you or we could meet up if you ever come to Tulsa or possibly somewhere in between!

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